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Our Guarantees To You


Have you ever thought about what truly separates the Blue Mountains’ Custom Home Specialists, Melaleuca Homes, from the rest?

Perhaps its one of the following statements that we guarantee to stand-by. How? They’re all included in your Fixed Price Contract.

You will be provided with a high-quality finish

We guarantee you a high-quality finish that is free of any defects at handover as with our limited number of projects per year we can give your project the time and attention to detail it deserves.

You will never be presented with any hidden costs

We guarantee that there are no hidden costs by providing you with a fixed price contract which means that the price is final and includes everything in your contract so no surprises.

We are great communicators

We guarantee to provide you with superior communication during every step of the process as you will have direct communication with your builder as well as on-site consultations upon request.

You will have 24/7 access to the build of your home via our Client Portal. You will have the ability to view images, your design choices and much more!

We are flexible with design changes

We guarantee that you will love your new home by allowing flexibility of changing your mind throughout the building process.

We bring professionalism, efficiency, and safety

Build with Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes and you will be guaranteed an exceptionally high-quality finished home built with professionalism, efficiency, and safety.