What does a building design professional have to offer that a company that builds project homes doesn’t?

Architects and Building Designers have been educated to specialise in design not drafting and will design a ‘one-off’ home that is very site specific – with all your individual needs factored into the design.

Project or kit-home builders start with a home already designed for the mass market and is not site specific. At Melaleuca we only build homes designed by architects ensuring every home we build is uniquely suited to its location and to the people living in it.

Are there any initial expenses regarding first consultation?

No. At Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes, we recognise you will be working with us throughout your entire home building process, so you need to have a strong level of comfort and understanding of who we are and the services we provide.

How much time will it take in order for my house to be built?

Construction generally takes four to eight months—depending on weather conditions, and the complexity of your home.  Be aware that delays caused by weather and material shortages, etc. can and do occur.  Therefore, it’s advisable to make certain your current living arrangements are flexible enough to allow for some delays.

How much will it cost to build my house?

As every dream home we build is unique, so is the cost. Whether you use an architect or draw your own plans, every decision you make throughout the life of the build will impact the total cost of your home.

Will I have to organise council applications as well as any other legislative requirements?

No.  Melaleuca have extensive experience in dealing with local government councils and other statutory bodies. When you begin your relationship with Melaleuca, the first thing we will do is an assessment of your land to identify zoning restrictions or other issues that could impact on building your home.  Identifying and understanding these issues early will save you a lot of heartache and money down the road.

What sort of materials do you build with?

At Melaleuca we view our relationship with our clients as a lifelong partnership.  It is because of this that we only work with building materials that we are satisfied will perform well over time.  With our extensive building experience, we have developed a network of suppliers whom we trust to provide the best quality materials.

Which fittings and appliances do you have available to choose from?

Those choices are completely up to you.  As we only build custom homes, each home we build uniquely represents and reflects the vision of our clients.  We can give you advice on products and appliances that we know and trust from our years of building experience, but the final choice will always be yours.  Therefore, the choices you make will also have an impact on the total cost of your new home, we will work with you throughout the selection process to ensure all costs are accurately budgeted for.