Custom Designed Homes


Custom Designed Homes

At Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes we are primarily based in the Blue Mountains and are a team of qualified personnel with years of tradesmen experience.

With our dedication to customer service we will provide guidance along the whole way and we will ensure you are personally involved with every decision to perfectly replicate your dream into reality as we strive to make this journey as enjoyable as possible.

Perhaps you are intending to build a home for a growing family and therefore will need a great spacious home with a number of rooms and bathrooms. Maybe you want to build the perfect home to retire into. Possibly all you want is a house of your own that just feels like home.

Nonetheless, Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes most certainly specialises in custom designed homes and the beauty of custom designed homes is that they can be unique, personalised specifically to you and your desirous flair. In addition, incorporated within our methodical approach is the consideration to your personal needs regarding practicality.

With our team of tradesmen we are committed to providing you with a home of the highest standard and a perfect replica of your dreams bringing forth a critical amount of attention to detail.

We are committed to approaching the build of your home with professionalism in an immensely safe and efficient manner.

Blue Mountains Builders Bathrooms
Blue Mountains Builders Bathrooms
Blue Mountains Builders Bathrooms
For a growing family this may involve another bathroom, a larger living space or more bedrooms, or all the above. Perhaps you are growing into your wiser years or have endured an unfortunate event making everyday life a tad more challenging. Therefore adjusting your home may be most beneficial.  Maybe you simply just feel too enclosed in your house and need more space.Maybe you feel like it is time to upgrade and have been working hard towards a better quality of life, and don’t feel it is necessary to move onto another house because of your love of the neighbourhood, or being close to work, or whatever connection you may possess with your home. This may entail better quality materials, a more aesthetically pleasing design, or just modernising your home to remodel the complete functionality to compliment easier living.  Regardless, any extension will improve the overall efficiency of the house, it also increases the overall value of the house so when you are ready to move on, you will have that extra money in your pocket or will get to leave your next of kin a beautifully established house.  No matter the reason, you have come to the right place because here at Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes we specialise in home extensions and are passionate in ensuring your house becomes the perfect home of your dreams.
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Custom Designed Homes That Connects Dreams

Custom Designed Homes

Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes takes pride in our methodical approach to building a house into your new home


Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes does renovations and we would be delighted to guide you in finding the potential in your house.


Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes does extensions, and we would be pleased to guide you in the expansion of your dream.