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  • Understanding Defects

    Understanding Defects

    Building defects refer to faults in the design or quality of the build. These defects can arise in different forms and can vary in their impact on the finished product. Defects can present themselves in many different ways; Structural Defects This refers to a defect with the structural integrity of the building. Some examples include…

  • Why The Cheapest Builder Isn’t Always The Best

    Why The Cheapest Builder Isn’t Always The Best

    Building your dream home is an exciting experience that requires a lot of planning. While a budget-friendly option may be tempting, choosing the cheapest builder for your new home might not be the wisest decision. In this blog post, we’ll look into reasons why cutting costs on your builder could lead to regret in the…

  • Understanding Variations

    Understanding Variations

    A building contract is an extremely significant and crucial document, outlining the terms and conditions of your build. Whilst this contract is final and binding, changes can be made where necessary. These are known as variations. Types of Variations There are various types of variations. These can be related to quantities, altering methods of construction,…