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About Us

I am Liam Marshall, the proud Director and founder of Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes, the Blue Mountains custom homes specialists.

I have an extensive background in the carpentry field, working hard as a tradesman in the heart of Sydney right through to the top of the Blue Mountains. I eventually found myself working as a leading hand for Melandra Custom Designed Homes and throughout my journey I gained experiences that have proven to be imperative to my development as a builder. In addition, I gained a passion for building not just houses but with a passionate attitude we built homes. Once I had excelled in my position, I decided it was time to take the next step and start a construction business of my own.

In 2020 I established this business to specialise in building new custom homes for families in the Blue Mountains. Homes of the highest quality with every detail accounted for to acquire guaranteed satisfaction and providing outstanding customer service with guidance and on demand updates so you can relax and be confident in the process.

I will be the one point of contact throughout the whole building process ensuring you are personally involved with every decision to perfectly replicate your dream into reality as we strive to make this journey as enjoyable as possible.

Our Team is comprised of Blue Mountains locals, who are equally as passionate about the industry as I am. We work closely together to deliver the service we guarantee, as we continue to grow and develop our Family Business.

Our homes aren’t chosen out of a book, they’re exact replicas of the dreams inside of your mind, put to paper and built into reality. Essentially, we appreciate quality over quantity and will make it our mission to ensure that your build is planned and scheduled to the dot with intense attention to detail guaranteeing you don’t run over budget and in the end, get to live in your beautiful luxury home with your family.

Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes is also a proud member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the Association of Professional Builders (APB) which means we have a more extensive knowledge to provide our clients the utmost service and experience.

Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes isn’t here to build houses. We’re here to build new custom homes. We’re here solely for you, the client. To be the opportunity for you to finally be treated with the respect you deserve from your builder. We will provide regular updates with total transparency and on-site consultations to guarantee you total trust in the process so you can sit back, relax, and realise your dream.

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Do You Want to Build Your New Dream Home?

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