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Understanding Defects

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Building defects refer to faults in the design or quality of the build. These defects can arise in different forms and can vary in their impact on the finished product.

Defects can present themselves in many different ways;

Structural Defects

This refers to a defect with the structural integrity of the building. Some examples include foundation concerns, cracks to walls & sagging floors.

Water Penetration

This includes leaks to the roof, walls, windows etc. These can in turn cause dampness and mould growth, damaging the buildings structure.


Caused by the use of substandard or damaged materials. Examples can include poor quality tiles, damaged or chipped sheeting etc.


This refers to faults in the Plumbing, Electricity or HVAC at the property. Examples can included faulty wiring or rattling pipes.


Cosmetic defects affect the appearance and finish of the build. Examples include a poor paint job or uneven surface.

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Defects can arise from various different factors, including Poor Workmanship or lack of skill, design errors or incorrect calculations, environmental factors or extreme weather and lack of regular maintenance.

In conclusion, defects can be a common occurrence when building, whether they are big or small. We recommend that you ensure your builder offers a warranty period, or has a process in place for dealing with any defects that you may identify after handover

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