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Understanding Variations


A building contract is an extremely significant and crucial document, outlining the terms and conditions of your build. Whilst this contract is final and binding, changes can be made where necessary. These are known as variations.

Types of Variations

There are various types of variations. These can be related to quantities, altering methods of construction, changes to personal selections or opting for different materials and supplies.


Managing Variations


Ensuring that you keep an accurate record of any variations in writing and their impact on the build.


Ensure that all parties have agreed to the variation, prior to proceeding with it. This will reduce the risk of disputes down the track.

Cost and Time Implications

Variations will often incur further costs and can often delay the project as well. It is essential to ensure that all parties are aware of these implications.


Maintaining efficient and written communication when making variations is not only paramount for a smooth implementation, but also for a great end result with no surprises!

Variations are often an inevitable part of the building process. By understanding exactly what they are and how to go about them, you can ensure that your build progresses smoothly.


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