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Hidden Costs To Consider When Building Your Dream Home


Building your dream home is one of the most exciting times in your life 0 however, amongst the excitement, there are some sneaky costs that can often be forgotten about or slip under the radar.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the often forgotten expenses!

1. Land Preparation and Site Costs

Before your build begins, there can be quite a lot of work that goes into preparing your chosen block of land. This can include clearing trees, grading the land, and addressing soil issues.

2. Building Permits and Regulatory Fees

Obtaining the correct building permits and submission of some required documents to local departments can become quite costly. It is important to consider these items of expense not only when creating your overall budget, but also when selecting your land.

3. Design Changes and Upgrades

Whilst a fixed price contract assists in keeping the budget on track, any changes after signing are considered a variation of the contract and will incur additional charges.

By carefully considering any changes and the additional costs they will incur, you can minimize the chance of any potential budget blowouts.

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4. Utility Connections

The connection of Water, Electricity, Gas & Sewage is not always as simple as it seems. Depending on your location and the distance to existing lines, the connection of these services can vary quite a lot in cost!

5. Landscaping and Exterior Finishes

Landscaping and exterior finishes contribute significantly to the overall appeal, but these can often come with additional costs. Budgeting for items like plants, gardens, turf etc is essential in ensuring you are happy with the end product!

6. Contingency Fund

Sometimes, we can take all the steps and all of the research possible, thinking we covered all bases. Even with all of thus planning, unforeseen issues can arise during construction and having some backup funds is highly recommended.

It is crucial to approach your dream build with a realistic understanding of potential hidden costs. By staying informed from the beginning of the process, you can progress with confidence in your team and your budget!

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