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Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes

is a passionate team dedicated to building homes suited to the vast Australian lifestyles in the Blue Mountains. Guiding people to realising their dreams has always been an aspiration of ours and we will continue to dedicate ourselves to customer service and ensuring that all memories of this journey to building your home are positive. We also understand that not every client is ready or in need of a new home hence we offer renovation and extension services, all unique and relative to individual needs.

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Custom Designed Homes That Connects Dreams

Custom Designed Homes

Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes takes pride in our methodical approach to building a house into your new home


Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes does renovations and we would be delighted to guide you in finding the potential in your house.


Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes does extensions, and we would be pleased to guide you in the expansion of your dream.

We are passionate

In ensuring your house becomes your perfect dream home of the highest standard
Build the home of your dreams!

We are a team of qualified personnel with years of tradesmen experience

your dream home

The Journey


Initial Meeting

This stage involves your initial call or email to Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes regarding a general idea of your intentions leading to the organisation of an in person meeting with the director of Melaleuca to evaluate your project.


Plans & Assessment

We will review all your plans and documents and provide you with an estimate associated with these documents. Don’t have plans drawn up? Not a problem. Melaleuca can provide our trusted architects that will discuss your vision with you and design the perfect space for you and your family.


Preliminary Estimate

From your designs a Preliminary Estimate will be provided along with an Authority to procced.


Council Approval Process

We will liaise with Council on your behalf to ensure the approval process proceeds smoothly.


Quote Finalisation, Building Contract

Once the Authority to proceed has been signed and returned, selections are discussed and finalised. A detailed Bill of quantities and selections list will be provided along with a final price ready for the building contract to be signed.



The construction of your beautiful new home will commence in a timely matter. During construction you will attend regular site inspections with Director Liam Marshall throughout the build process. We provide weekly updates on the progress of your new home, so you won’t miss any milestone.


Completion of Construction, Handover

Completion within agreed timeframe and to an unsurpassed quality and standard. Completion of construction is not the end of your relationship with Melaleuca Custom Designed Homes, we aim to provide ongoing support for the life of your new dream home.

here at Melaleuca

We Pride Ourselves On



To be built towards your desirous flair with consideration to practicality and is suitable within your budget.


Approaching all jobs with professionalism in an immensely safe and efficient manner.



Delighted to guide you in finding the potential in your house ensuring you are personally involved with every decision.